3 Types of People Who Should Have Kerosene Oil on Hand

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When you think of kerosene oil, if the picture of old, Victorian-era lamps come to mind, don’t worry -- you’re not the only one! These antique lamps burned by having a cloth or string wick that could be soaked in a kerosene oil base and then lit at the top portion of the lamp with a glass shade placed over for safety. These lamps were very common in the days before electricity was commonplace, but did you know that kerosene oil has many uses today? At Bumgarner Oil, we know that not everyone needs kerosene oil for their lighting needs anymore, but here are a few different types of people who should have it on hand for other reasons:

kerosene oil has many uses today

1.   The Camper- If you love to spend time outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle, you need a supply of kerosene oil! Because kerosene oil is versatile in things like stoves and lamps, you can spend your time camping alone or with a group while still being able to cook some of your home favorites.

2.   The Person with Cabin Fever- If camping is too much outdoors, but you want a place all to yourself, you might just have cabin fever! Many people can put a small cabin on their own plot of land and heat, light and cook with kerosene oil.

3.   The Prepared- Flashlights and batteries are great for the occasional power outage, but if you want a steadier source of light, kerosene oil is great because it has a very long shelf life.