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In today’s world, we’re all customers to someone, and in the fuel business, you’ve got choice. And just like most service industries, there are dealers and wholesalers aplenty. With all these options, you may not be sure where to turn. However, if there’s one aspect to your selection that’s important, it’s who you think is going to stay reliable in a world full of topsy-turvy markets.

dealers and wholesale fuel vendors in Hickory

As we all know by now, there’s lots of places with lots of oil, and that means the number of dealers and wholesale fuel choices rises as well. Many of these dealers and wholesalers are good at what they do and yet many of them may be from so far beyond your location that they aren’t attuned to the changes of laws and industry that impact your fuel needs. If new taxes or laws pertaining to fuels are leveled against your part of America but your fuel supplier is from elsewhere, then they may not be ready to help you roll with the punches quick enough. It’s better for you to have a local supplier who’s weathering the same storm you are in this crazy economy.

So, if you’re seeking dealers and wholesale fuel vendors in Hickory or the surrounding areas, we at Bumgarner Oil are ready to help. We’ve been proud to service this part of North Carolina since 1954 and are a family-run business. We sell reputable brands, like Shell and Exxon, as well as offer a full range of fuels, including “green” alternatives so you have choice as well as an ally in the fuel world.