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Almost everywhere in the world, heating fuel prices are a concern, and North Carolina is no different. The market is a sprawling mass of uncertainty that fluctuates due to happenings all over the world. The trick in this situation is to get your heating fuel from a local vendor that is local, with the same community concerns you have.

Dealing with Heating Fuel Prices

As situations impacting heating fuel prices that are beyond our control play themselves out all over the world, suppliers can lose track of how expensive their product is becoming for people in certain places. However, if your vendor’s a member of your corner of the world, they can do their part to ensure a reasonable price. It’s not a perfect system but it works better than relying on a giant national or international company. By that we mean if your community is being hit with a spike in heating fuel prices, a local vendor of heating oil is going to be rolling with the same punches you are and will be more sensitive to your predicament than someone’s who’s never set foot in North Carolina.

If you live in Hickory or the surrounding areas and need a fuel or fuel products supplier, we at Bumgarner Oil are ready to serve. Our mission includes being fair and responsive to our customers when it comes to heating fuel prices. We’re a family-run business that’s been serving the community since 1954. We provide heating oil or kerosene for private residences as well as commercial spaces. And if your business relies on fuel, we can supply you with that as well as bio heat and other green alternatives if that’s what you require.