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You may have heard about red diesel or wondered if off-road diesel could be beneficial for you. Red off-road diesel can be used for off-road vehicles and equipment and consequently is not subject to road fuel taxes. To help you decide if you could use this fuel, here are five FAQs about off-road diesel:

1.   Why Is It Dyed Red? Off-road diesel is dyed red to mark it for use off-road. Because it is not taxed like on-road diesel, the red dye helps tax authorities to ensure that it has only been used in off-road vehicles. On-road diesel is dyed green and fades quicker than the red dye. Red dye can be observed in your engine long after its use.

2.   What Can Off-Road Diesel Be Used for? Off-road diesel is only for off-road fuel uses such as construction use, agricultural equipment, or generators.

FAQs About Off-Road Diesel

3.   Are There Consequences for Using Off-Road Diesel in On-Road Vehicles? Using off-road diesel in on-road vehicles is against the law. Misuse of this fuel can result in hefty fines.

4.   What Do I Need to Do Before Using Off-Road Diesel? Many states will have forms you will need to fill out, usually a registration form and a user form. You will need to report monthly how many gallons you have used. Make sure to keep your receipts and turn in your monthly paperwork.

5.   Can I Have Fuel Delivered to Me? Yes. You can save time by having our team at Bumgarner Oil deliver your diesel to you. We can also install a fuel tank on your property to make sure you never run out of gas.

If you are interested in off-road diesel or other oil products, contact us today. Our fuel distribution company has been serving customers since 1954, and we can provide you with quick, cost-effective service.