Follow These Four Heating Oil Tank Tips Every Year

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Heating OilIf you use heating oil at your home or business, you know that having a full tank means you can remain comfortable any time you need to make your workplace or living spaces more comfortable. But what about the in-between times when your heating oil tank is not in use? Here are four heating oil tips that will help you enjoy a more efficient and effective heating system for your home or business.

1.  Secure Your Tank – This may seem obvious, but having an oil tank that is properly secured either inside or outside your property will lead to reduced risk of leaks and potential hazards.

2.  Proper Storage – If your heating oil tank is not in use, knowing how to store your unused oil from season to season will make sure you get the best use year to year. Not only can you better preserve the oil you’ve purchased, but you will know you have some readily available, should you need to turn on your tank.

3.  Professional Repairs – If you notice that your heating oil tank needs repairs, don’t wait to call in a service professional for assistance. Taking care of any leaks or damage as soon as possible will help you keep your property clean and safe throughout the year.

4.  Delivery Service – Scheduling a routine delivery service to have your heating oil refilled can really make a difference when you are ready to turn on your heat. Not only can you avoid running out of heating oil unexpectedly, but you can also avoid the hassles of having to make a trip to collect the oil you need during your day.

If you are looking for heating oil tips or you have questions about your oil tank, give us a call at Bumgarner Oil today to inquire about our services. We’ll be happy to help!