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Have You Heard of Kerosene Oil Delivery?
You could make frequent trips to a home supply store to purchase kerosene every time you need it, or you could save yourself an unnecessary trip and have it delivered. Kerosene oil has many uses and has a long shelf life, making it a very useful oil to have and store. At Bumgarner Oil, we provide kerosene oil delivery as one of our many oil delivery services.

Kerosene oil delivery is a great way to prepare or maintain an emergency oil source. Kerosene oil can be used for heating, light cooking, insecticide, lubricant and many other household use. You may want to consider keeping a small supply of kerosene oil on hand for emergencies or maintaining a supply you already have and use daily. If you are refilling a kerosene oil supply, you should check your tank gauge and order before the fuel level drops too low. Our experts at Bumgarner Oil recommend ordering your kerosene oil when your tank gauge reads between 30 and 25 percent to avoid running out before your delivery arrives.

Kerosene oil delivery is a fantastic service to have if you prefer this versatile and reliable oil product. If you are in need of kerosene oil delivery services for your home or business, call us at Bumgarner Oil today and we will provide you with the same excellent service that we have been providing our customers since 1954!