How Is Kerosene Oil Used Today?

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Kerosene OilWhen most people think of kerosene oil, they picture the old-fashioned lamps that everyone used to have in their homes before electricity became so widespread. Because of this, many people are under the mistaken impression that kerosene is no longer used today, but that is not the case. In fact, this hydrocarbon compound is commonly used for multiple applications:


  • Fire Performances- If you are at the circus or another show and see someone using fire in a performance, there is a good chance he or she is relying on kerosene oil. Its low fire temperature makes it safer than other alternatives, but it still creates the same impressive views.
  • Heating Oil- It is very common to find small portable heaters that use kerosene oil, although larger systems are fairly rare. These are popular for their ability to run without electricity, and some of the heaters can keep 1,000 square feet warm. It is also considered very safe, adding another advantage.
  • Jet Engine Fuel- Lately, jet fuel has been expanding to include kerosene. It is a great option because its low vapor level reduces the risk of an explosion while still being highly combustible, letting it provide enough energy for a jet.
  • Lights-There is a reason that kerosene oil was traditionally used for lamps; it is a highly effective lighting fuel that can still be used today. Kerosene lasts a long time compared to other types of fuel, and it is easier to transport.
  • Chemical Uses- In addition to its flammable uses, kerosene is commonly used for its chemical properties. It shares many chemical properties with petroleum, making it popular in the chemical industry. You can find it in industry-grade chemical lubricants, petroleum solvents, head lice treatments, and certain pesticides.