How to Choose the Right Vehicle Lubricants

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Vehicle LubricantsPicking the right vehicle lubricants doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Bumgarner Oil, we offer a range of options so we can meet the needs of every driver, but we are also willing to help. You can always ask your mechanic or us which lubricants are ideal for your particular model. Alternatively, you can make a decision yourself based on a few important things:

  • Look at Your Manual- Start by taking a look at your owner’s manual for your vehicle. It should say the type of vehicle lubricants that your car can handle and which ones to avoid. There will most likely be a list of either brands or requirements. You can then compare this information to that on the back of the vehicle lubricant you are considering.
  • Viscosity- You will notice that vehicle lubricants come in two types of viscosity. Some are listed as having a hot grade while others have a cold grade. This is just how viscosity, the resistance against free flow, is measured. It is important that the lubricant you choose has the right viscosity for your vehicle, which is something that you should be able to find in your owner’s manual or online.
  • API Certification- The American Petroleum Institute works to ensure that all vehicle oils and lubricants meet strict standards for performance and quality control. Certified vehicle lubricants will be labeled as such, so take the time to look for an official seal or symbol indicating this certification. This ensures they are high quality.