How to Reduce Vehicle Emissions with Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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If your vehicle runs on diesel, you might be concerned about how much you are contributing to the pollution in your area, or perhaps the Clean Air Act has caused a few issues for you in the past. Diesel exhaust fluid can create the solution you need to release less pollutants into the air. Here’s how diesel exhaust fluid can reduce your vehicle emissions and clear your conscience with the Clean Air Act.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid: What is it and Why is it Important?

  • Breaks down harsh chemicals: Diesel exhaust fluid is made of urea and deionized water. The combination of these two allows it to break down the harsh chemicals in the diesel before they even reach the air.
  • Doesn’t limit performance: Most vehicle emission solutions result in affecting the performance of your vehicle. This doesn’t happen with diesel exhaust fluid. It can effectively reduce your diesel emissions without having any effect on your vehicle’s performance.
  • Requires hardly any effort: The best part is that diesel exhaust fluid requires little effort on your part. You can make a difference simply by pouring the fluid into your exhaust stream and watching the magic happen over time. You’ll notice that your vehicle is releasing less diesel emissions into the air that would otherwise contribute to more pollution.
  • Safe for both you and the environment: Diesel exhaust fluid is also perfectly safe for you and your vehicle just as it is for the environment. It’s non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about using it.

Diesel exhaust fluid is rather impressive when you think about it. You can give us a call if you would like to learn more.