How to Use Kerosene Oil Heaters Safely

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Kerosene Oil Heaters

Using kerosene oil heaters during the winter can be an ideal solution for rooms that do not get warm enough from the regular furnace, as a backup in case of power outages, or as a cost-effective alternative to electric heating. The cost savings will go out the window, however, if you do not use them safely and suffer a catastrophe. Kerosene oil heaters are not inherently dangerous, but you do need to know how to use them safely. By following these tips, you should not have any problem whatsoever.

1.   Watch what could come in contact with the kerosene oil heaters. Keep flammables, children, pets, clothing, furniture, solvents, and draperies away from them. Locate them in an area that you won’t be walking to avoid knocking them over.

2.   Do not leave kerosene oil heaters unattended or move them when they are being operated.

3.   Do not fuel kerosene oil heaters when in operation, while still hot, or indoors. Do not overfill them.

4.   Do not use kerosene oil heaters in small, enclosed rooms. They do reduce oxygen levels, so you need them to be in larger rooms. This is also to prevent fume emissions from becoming too concentrated. It is also not a bad idea to open a window to provide a bit of ventilation.

5.   Be sure to read all the instructions and also have a fire escape plan in place should something go wrong.

6.   Always use a good-quality kerosene heater and top-quality kerosene fuel that has been properly stored. Get your fuel from a trusted source.

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