Is Will Call Delivery Right for You?

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Here at Bumgarner Oil, we have extensive experience in the oil and fuel industries, and we are here to provide the fuel delivery services you need to power your essential systems and equipment. For our fuel delivery services, we offer two main options: autofill and will call delivery. In this article, we will focus on will call delivery, going over some of its advantages and disadvantages to help you decide if this option is right for you.

Is Will Call Delivery Right for You?

Advantages of Will Call Delivery

  • Flexibility – One benefit of will call delivery services is the greater flexibility they provide. You will be able to monitor your own fuel levels and only order more when you need to. This provides a greater level of control than autofill delivery, in which we do the monitoring and scheduling for you.
  • Affordability – Another advantage of will call delivery services is that this option tends to be more affordable upfront. You won’t have to spend as much to get enrolled in an automatic delivery schedule, and you will only pay for the fuel you need.

Disadvantages of Will Call Delivery

  • Inconvenience – A common disadvantage of will call delivery is the lack of convenience. You will need to remember to check your fuel levels regularly and order and schedule your shipments yourself. While this option will save you money, it is likely to cost you time, and you risk running out of fuel if you forget to re-order.
  • Unpredictability – Another potential drawback of will call delivery compared to autofill is the lack of predictability. When you order your fuel on a will call basis, you will be subject to changes in market prices, as well as to rush delivery fees or similar charges.