On- vs. Off-Road Diesel: What’s the Difference?

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Here at Bumgarner Oil, we offer a great selection of different fuel options for different needs. If you drive a diesel vehicle, you may have heard of on-road and off-road diesel, but you may be unsure about what makes them different, if anything. In this article, we’ll answer that question, and go over what exactly the differences are between these two types of diesel.

  • On-Road Diesel- This type of diesel is the stuff that you’ll find being dispensed at the gas station. On-road diesel is graded for road vehicles, such as cars, trucks, or trailers. This type of diesel is also called clear diesel to contrast it with “dyed diesel,” or off-road diesel, which has a red dye added to it in order to prevent the two types from being mixed up. Besides the color, what distinguishes the on-road variety from off-road diesel is its low sulfur content.
  • Off-Road Diesel- In contrast to on-road diesel, off-road diesel is intended for use only in off-road vehicles, such as farm tractors, earth movers, or other construction vehicles. As mentioned above, this type of diesel is dyed red to prevent people from accidentally using it in the wrong engine. Chemically, what makes the two varieties different is the higher sulfur content in off-road diesel.

We at Bumgarner Diesel hope that this information has been helpful to you. If you need either on- or off-road diesel, our team has you covered.