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Embrace the Propane Revolution with Bumgarner Propane's Experts

You're on the brink of a brilliant move Hickory, North Carolina! You are about to have a new propane tank installed. Propane is not just eco-friendly but also kind to your wallet. But first let's walk through these steps to get your house ready for your Bumgarner Propane experts.
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Propane Tank Installation Essentials

Your propane tank installation should be a breeze, typically wrapping up within hours. Bumgarner Propane’s installation experts will align with your schedule. But here are a few simple steps to get your home ready before our experts arrive.

Clear Driveway of Branches and Debris: Our installation trucks and equipment are much larger than the average residential vehicle, so please ensure tree branches are trimmed so our team can access your propane tank install location.

Consider a Preferred Location: Do you have a preference where your tank is located? Let us know, as our propane tank install team will take this into consideration when selecting a suitable location for your propane tank that meets all local and federal safety requirements.

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Outdoor Setup Strategies for North Carolina Propane Tanks

Make way for our equipment by clearing your driveway and install location of low-hanging branches and other debris or obstacles. The tank's new home should be solid, level, and within 75 feet of the delivery zone. Remember, placement precision is crucial for safety and efficiency.

Distance Matters: Propane Tank Placement Guidelines

Propane tanks need their space. Our propane tank installation team will take into consideration property lines, building openings, sources of ignition, and other important factors to ensure that your new propane container meets DOT, ASME, and other important safety requirements.

Digging Done Right: Trenching Tips

Some propane tanks will require trenches to run gas lines to your appliances. Calling DigSafe at 811 is a proactive way for you to discover where underground utility lines are located, which can speed up the propane gas line process when installation day rolls around.

Locking in Your Installation Date

With your exterior prepped, reach out to Bumgarner Propane to book your installation. On installation day, be sure that gates and fences are unlocked, and pets are secured. Post-installation, our propane technician will conduct a thorough system audit and ignite your propane appliances for a test run.

Get Your Propane Quote Today

Keen on a propane upgrade? Contact Bumgarner Propane for a personalized quote. We're dedicated to stellar service, ensuring your propane tank install is seamless and secure. Dive into your propane adventure—reach out now!