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When we think about oil, we usually associate oil with gas stations, vehicles, and industrial spaces within our communities. However, oil also has many residential applications. Many common household items use different kinds of oil. Home heaters often operate using oil, and oil can be useful for emergency storage. Here’s a closer look at a few of these residential oil uses.

Residential Uses for Oil that Benefit Your Home

  • Machinery: Many home appliances run on oil. A common machine that comes to mind is a lawn mower. Gone are the days of the push mower for residential tasks. Lawn mowers typically run on gasoline and are a useful household item that uses oil products.
  • Heating: Some homes rely on oil-fueled heaters to stay warm in cooler months. Kerosene heaters are a common choice for home heating. Homeowners can arrange for kerosene delivery to their homes when supplies are running low.
  • Outdoor Cooking: Camp stoves and other outdoor cooking equipment is another way you may see oil fueling residential and recreational activities.
  • Emergency Storage: Some individuals store various types of oil at their home to use in case of emergency for cooking and other uses. In a power outage, for example, oil can be used to run a generator and produce power for your home

These are just a few of the common uses you may see for oil in the home. From emergency storage to the simple use of a lawn mower, oil has many residential uses that make it an important part of the home.