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If you own an automotive service center, you know that there are numerous repair and maintenance tasks that will require the use of automotive lubricants. In order to keep the many moving parts functioning properly, the use of automotive lubricants is essential. What is even more important is using only high-quality automotive lubricants.

Automotive Lubricants

Most automotive service centers provide warranties on the work done, particularly when changing out an engine or transmission. While you cannot necessarily help it if the manufacturer of the part didn’t do the best job, you can certainly risk it failing if you use substandard automotive lubricants during the installation. You can best protect yourself from costly repairs out of pocket if you choose the right automotive lubricants for the job at hand.

You will use a variety of automotive lubricants, including motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, wheel-bearing grease, chassis grease, electronic grease, penetration lubricants, and graphite. Learning which to use where is an important part of the job, but knowing where to get your automotive lubricants is important, as well.

When you want to be assured of the best quality possible, trust our team at Bumgarner Oil. We’ve been providing the best quality automotive lubricants and other products for over 60 years. Not only can we provide you what you need, but our helpful staff will also aid in the selection process, so you are assured of getting the right product for the types of work you do. We also offer industrial lubricants, so if you have equipment that needs lubricant, we can help you there also. Call us today with any questions you may have.