The 4 Main Types of Automotive Lubricants

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The 4 Main Types of Automotive Lubricants

In this article, our team will provide an overview of the four main types of automotive lubricants.

  • Engine Oil – Engine oil is one of the most well-known automotive lubricants that most people are familiar with. The purpose of this lubricant is to reduce friction between the many moving parts of the engine, which keeps the engine running smoothly and prevents it from overheating.
  • Gear Oil – Some parts of the engine require more specialized automotive lubricants, such as gear oil. This kind of oil is used in the transmission, transfer box, and differentials of a vehicle. In contrast to standard motor oil, gear oil has a higher viscosity, and it usually contains extreme pressure additives, such as phosphorous sulfur compounds, to make it perform better under these specific conditions.
  • Grease – Another type of automotive lubricants is grease, which is used to prevent wear and tear in the suspension and steering joints. Like the other types of lubricants we’ve mentioned, grease is made of petroleum, but it also contains thickeners to make it more viscous.
  • Hydraulic Oils – The fourth main type of automotive lubricants we’ll cover here is hydraulic oils. Hydraulic oils go inside the hydraulic cylinders in your vehicle, such as those in the power steering system.