The Home Oil Advantage: Why You Should Choose Home Oil for Heating

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There are many different ways to heat your home. You can choose natural gas, a popular choice, electricity, radiant heat and even the good, ol’ fashioned fireplace for those chilly nights. Unlike these other choices, however, there is a comfortable, sustainable and efficient way to heat your home that many people don’t know much about: home oil. Home oil heating comes with many different advantages that many people don’t realize, a few of which we here at Bumgarner Oil would like to go over with our readers at this time.

home oil is a safer option

First, home oil is a safer option. When it comes to gaseous sources of heating like natural gas, if the pilot light goes out, but the gas is still running, you have an explosive problem on your hands! Natural gas and propane are both very common options when it comes to heating, but they are dangerous when compared to home oil which is safe, non-explosive and doesn’t catch fire in its liquid state.

Second, home oil is efficient. Home oil is a rare type of heating because of its efficiency. It consistently runs at about 95% efficiency because it burns warmer and faster. This means that there isn’t much energy waste; you get to enjoy the heat that is created!

Third, choosing home oil is kinder to the environment than it once was. Many older homes with home oil systems are nothing like the home oil systems built today, which burn cleanly without residue or soot accumulation.

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