The Pros and Cons of Will Call Delivery

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When you have a business running on oil-powered machinery or a home heated with oil, you need to maintain your oil supply to keep everything running properly. Because making a run to get enough oil to cover the entire amount you need isn’t entirely realistic, oil delivery services are just what you need for your home or business. Here at Bumgarner Oil, we have two main delivery options: autofill and will call. Here are the pros and cons of will call delivery to help you decide if this delivery method is best for you.

The Pros and Cons of Will Call Delivery


  • You maintain control: With will call delivery, you maintain complete control over your oil. You can keep track of the oil levels on your own and make the decision on when to call and schedule an oil delivery.
  • Affordable: Because will call delivery doesn’t involve any close monitoring of your oil levels, this delivery method tends to be the more affordable option up front.
  • You can make any changes you want: With will call delivery, you can make any changes you want to the type of oil you receive or even the amount. Everything is up to you with this method of delivery, so you get to make the calls.



  • You have to plan for the delivery times: With will call delivery, the delivery may take a few days to get to you. This means you have to plan in advance and know exactly how much oil you use per day, so you know exactly when to call. Otherwise, you might risk running out of oil before your delivery arrives.
  • Possible additional fees: Although the will call delivery method is the more affordable option of the two, you do risk running up additional fees if you suddenly need a rush delivery outside of regular hours.
  • It’s a lot of effort: Though it may not matter to some, will call deliveries require a lot of effort on your end. You have to constantly check your oil levels and remember to actually schedule the delivery. You can run into problems if you don’t keep up with monitoring and scheduling.