What You Need to Know About Heating Oil Prices

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Heating Oil PricesWhether you have a new home that uses oil heat or you are trying to determine the best time to purchase heating oil for your home, there are several things to consider when it comes to heating oil prices. While the market has been very volatile the past few years and prices have been variable, there are several rules of thumb you can use to make your oil purchases easier.

  1. The more gallons of oil you purchase at once, the cheaper your heating oil prices will be. However, if you have a set budget for your oil costs, this may determine how much you buy at one time over a period of months.
  2. Every year, your heating costs will be different. The best thing to do is have a well-maintained heating oil system, and your average costs year to year will be a good estimate of what to expect.
  3. There are typically three cold months out of the year (December, January and February) when your heating costs will be higher. The remaining months should average out to about the same cost as these three months combined.
  4. Keeping your oil tank full during the summer months will help with maintenance, and heating oil prices may be lower because you will not be heating your home during the warmest part of the year.

At Bumgarner Oil, our team understands that heating oil prices can be tricky when you are on a limited budget, but you still need to be able to heat your home. We will provide you with the best customer service and help you get the heating oil you need at an affordable rate. We also offer heating oil delivery, which may help you budget during the winter months. Call us today for more information!