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Kerosene heaters can be a useful appliance for a home. Though it may not be the primary heat source in your home, a kerosene heater can be an important secondary source of heat, or can be used to heat your home in a time of power outage or an emergency situation. Here are a few things you should know about kerosene heaters if you are considering using them in your home

What You Need to Know about Kerosene Heaters

  • Safety First: Before you use a kerosene heater, be sure to do your research about this type of machine and kerosene as fuel. Be sure to understand the risks involved with these heaters to ensure that you avoid fuel fires, contaminated air, or other dangerous situations. If you take proper precautions, you will be able to use a kerosene heater safely.
  • Maintenance: As you use a kerosene heater, you will need to complete some routine updates and maintenance tasks. A common maintenance task is the need to clean a kerosene heater wick. A wick that is wet or covered with tar will not burn efficiently, so regular inspection and cleaning are important.
  • Uses of Kerosene Heaters: Kerosene heaters are typically used in the U.S. as a “back up” heater or a space heater. They can be used indoors to help heat your home. They are especially useful in areas where an electric heater is unavailable. For example, you may wish to use a heater while you are in your garage. However, you may not have access to electricity. This makes a kerosene heater a good option as it does not require electricity.

These are just a few things you should know about kerosene heaters. They can be beneficial objects for use in your home.