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BioGuard Plus 6™ is the only EPA-registered fuel biocide containing a multifunctional high performance diesel additive.

Microorganisms that grow in diesel fuel systems, such as bacteria, yeast and mold, are known as “bugs.” “Bugs” live in virtually all diesel fuel systems. They live in the water found in all fuel systems and eat the fuel as a nutrient source. Because some water is present in virtually all diesel fuel systems, these systems are a good environment for biological growth. The most common places for “bugs” include the fuel/water interface near tank bottoms, on storage tank walls, and in sediment. Left unchecked, “bugs” will corrode fuel systems and create slime & sludge that plugs fuel filters & fuel lines. The result of contamination is increased maintenance costs and expensive down time.

BioGuard Plus 6™ (BGDP6) in Lenoir, North Carolina

BioGuard Plus 6™ is the only EPA-registered fuel biocide containing a multifunctional high performance diesel additive. BioGuard Plus 6™ contains BioGuard to prevent microbial contamination, fuel filter plugging and other bacteria-caused problems.

BioGuard Plus 6™ is also formulated with six additional components to help prevent ULSD & biodiesel-related problems to significantly improve heavy-duty diesel engine performance. BioGuard Plus 6™ contains Diesel Guard™, which is documented to keep injectors, combustion chambers & fuel filters cleaner. It is also documented to improve fuel economy up to 7.6% in SAE Type II testing.

BioGuard Plus 6™ also contains cetane, additional VT-101 lubricity improver, stabilizer, dispersant & corrosion inhibitor to help improve performance, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs & provide better operation of equipment. Having BioGuard™ with additional components in one package reduces the need to use multiple additives, helps you lower costs, and reduces inventory.

Top Reasons to Use BioGuard Plus 6™ [infographic]

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents bacteria (“bugs”), yeast, mold, and other microbiological growth.
  • Cleans up & prevents fuel injector deposits (exceeds L-10 “Superior” performance rating).
  • Reduces piston & combustion chamber deposits.
  • Documented to improve fuel economy up to 7.6% in SAE Type II testing.
  • Stabilizes fuel to extend the shelf life up to 2 years or more.
  • Prevents fuel filter & line plugging.
  • Improves thermal stability beyond industry standards.
  • Prevents rust & corrosion.
  • Lubricates fuel injectors & pumps to prevent premature wear.
  • Disperses moisture to help prevent sludge & corrosion and extend fuel filter life.
  • Increases cetane number, power & performance.
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions, smoke, odor & transom soot.
  • Treat Rates-- 1gallon:1500 gallons, 1 qt: 375 gallons, 1oz.:12 gallons

Product Data Sheet

BioGuard Plus 6™
Multifunctional Diesel Biocide (BGDP6)


BioGuard Plus 6™ is effective in controlling the growth of bacteria & other microorganisms that breed in all types of diesel fuel, biodiesel blends, and water, which cause formation of slime, sludge and acids. It also contains 6 other components formulated to prevent ULSD & biodiesel related problems & significantly improve heavy-duty diesel engine performance. Typical applications include truck fleets, farms, home heat, marine, power generation, railroad and all other on-road or off-road diesel applications.

Blending Recommendations

The approved dosage is 1 gal. to 1500 gals. of diesel. Do not treat at different dosage. Product should be added to the fuel storage tanks or directly to the equipment fuel tanks prior to adding fuel. Storage tank should have a 20% heel of diesel fuel & be free of excess water and/or sludge.

Check fuel filters after use.

Treat rate

1 gallon to 1500

1 oz. to 12 gallons

To prevent microorganism growth, continuously treat all fuel deliveries with BioGuard Plus 6 at the recommended treatment dosage & keep fuel systems free of water.

Safety Precautions

When handling this product, persons should exercise caution and wear protective goggles, gloves and protective clothing. See cautions indicated in the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet before handling and storing this product.


We guarantee this product to comply with our published specifications. Since the use of this product is beyond our control, we disclaim responsibility for its performance, handling, use, storage, the results obtained, or any injury of any nature resulting there from. Product warrantee and seller’s obligations apply only to replacement of product. Seller assumes no liability for any claim or loss of any other kind. In no event shall seller be liable for indirect punitive, special or consequential damages or expenses. Any warrantee claim shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Illinois.

Typical Specifications

Color (ASTM D1544) .................................... Yellow

Specific Gravity @ 68° F (ASTM D891) ..........0.9590

Density, lbs./gal. (Calculated).........................8.02

Flash Point °F, TCC (ASTM D3278)..................118

Additive Pour Point °F (ASTM D97) ............... 15

Flash Point °F, TCC (ASTM D3278)..................118

Viscosity @ 77°F cSt....................................... N/A

The sulfur content of this diesel fuel additive does not exceed 15 ppm.


Available in bulk, 300 gal. totes, 55 gal., 2/2.5 gal., 4/1 gal. and 12/32 oz containers

Introducing ValvTect BioGuard plus 6

One product that solves all diesel fuel problems! BioGuard Plus 6 is specially formulated to prevent bacteria and algae, plus all other diesel fuel-related problems.

  1. Stabilizes Up To 2 Years: Today’s low, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and biodiesel become unstable quickly, reduce fuel filter life and can cause filter plugging. BioGuard Plus 6 contains a diesel fuel stabilizer that keeps the fuel fresh and can double fuel filter life.
  2. Prevents Corrosion: BioGuard Plus 6 contains a rust and corrosion inhibitor to protect the entire fuel system.
  3. Lubricates Pumps & Injectors: Lower sulfur diesel fuel can cause premature wear of fuel pumps and fuel injectors. BioGuard Plus 6 contains VT 101 lubricity improver to extend fuel pump and fuel injector life.
  4. Disperses Moisture: Lower sulfur diesel and biodiesel contain high levels of moisture that can cause corrosion and sludge that can plug fuel filters. BioGuard Plus 6 contains moisture dispersant that holds moisture in suspension to help prevent corrosion, prevent sludge and extend fuel filter life.
  5. Cleans Up Injector Deposits: BioGuard Plus 6 contains Diesel Guard7 diesel detergent to clean-up carbon deposits. Clean fuel injectors can improve fuel economy up to 6%.
  6. Increases Cetane: BioGuard Plus 6 contains cetane improver. A higher cetane diesel fuel burns more completely and cleaner; results in less smoke, odor and soot; and reduces harmful exhaust emission.

Available In:

1 Quart, Treats 375 Gallons

1 Gallon, Treats 1,500 Gallons Bulk, Totes and Drums

To learn more about BioGuard Plus 6 and how it can benefit your operations in Lenoir, North Carolina, please contact us at Bumgarner Oil.

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