Oil Delivery Services, Hickory, NC

Bumgarner Oil offers two convenient oil delivery services options to suit your needs!

Autofill Delivery

With autofill delivery service from Bumgarner Oil, you don’t need to keep checking to see how full your tank is or make guesses on when you’ll need a refill. We’ll keep track of your tank’s oil level for you and deliver a new supply to your door as soon as it is needed.  So no matter when you need more oil, we’ll be there, even if it’s at night or on a weekend or holiday.

Loyalty and care for our community lie at the heart of our business.

Credit-approved autofill customers are also eligible for our budget billing program. That means you can have access to a personalized online “system estimated tank percentage” for your home. Once logged in to “Manage My Account” on our website, simply select the tank percentage option to see an estimate of how much fuel remains in your tank. Contact our office today to set up your password and gain access to your account information at any time.





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