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Home Oil in Lenoir, NC and surrounding areas

Oil is a highly efficient and safe heating fuel. It is a non-explosive, stable, combustible product without some of the safety concerns associated with other fuels. Its efficiency is due to the high BTU (British thermal unit) content in one gallon of home oil, as opposed to an equal measure of electricity, propane or natural gas.

We have 63 years of experience in Lenoir and Western North Carolina

Home Oil in Lenoir, North Carolina

Let’s look at some other benefits:

  • Warmer and Cozier: Home oil burns 300 degrees hotter than natural gas, so your water and home heat quicker than any other heating source.
  • Clean: Oil heat today is 95 percent cleaner than it was in the 1970s. Modern systems create absolutely no odors, dirt or soot. Also it is just as eco-friendly as natural gas.
  • Efficiency: Modern home oil systems perform at 85 to 95 percent efficiency or more. Therefore, for every dollar you spend on oil, 85 to 95 cents worth of hot water and heat is delivered to your home.
  • Popularity: 28.6 million Americans rely on the comfort of oil to heat their homes.
  • Safety: Home oil is non-explosive. In fact, it won’t burn even in a liquid state – unlike other heat sources which can burst into flames.
  • Availability: There’s no need to worry about world supplies – heating oil is abundant. More than 36 countries produce home oil so availability is constant.
  • Cost-Effective: Annual costs for heating oil are lower than electricity or natural gas, especially if your supplier offers a guaranteed price or a cap. Studies conducted by the Department of Ecology show that home oil heats 16 percent more efficiently than natural gas.

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