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Try the Amazing Advanced Synthetic Formulation from Mobil Oil CompanyMobil 1 Extended Performance – you’ve never seen an oil product like it before! This synthetic, high performance motor oil will keep your engine running like new, while providing protection for up to 15,000 miles between each oil change. It is a full synthetic formulation from Mobil Oil Company that also helps extend engine life, minimize engine wear, and reduce oil breakdown. Extended Performance is suitable for cars, light trucks and vans.

Why Should I Use It?

Even during today’s longer service intervals, this amazing product is designed to keep engines running like new. And, the protection provided for up to 15,000 miles between oil changes is GUARANTEED! It is the most advanced synthetic formulation that Mobil Oil Company has made to date, outperforming the company’s synthetic blends, conventional oils, and regular full-synthetic oils.

What Is the Difference Between Mobil 1 and Mobil 1 Extended Performance?

The formula in Extended Performance is even more robust than that of Mobil 1. In extensive field tests, it was proven that it helps to protect crucial engine parts between oil changes. In order to deliver such an outstanding level of performance, Mobil Oil Company selected superior synthetic components.

Before Switching to Extended Performance, Does My Engine Need Flushing Out?


Note: Mobil Oil Company recommends that you consult your owner’s manual while your vehicle is under warranty, and follow the guidelines as laid out. Moreover, Mobil recommends that, if you drive routinely in severe conditions, you follow the oil change intervals recommended in the owner’s manual. ‘Severe conditions’ are defined as: frequent hauling or towing; commercial or racing applications; excessive idling; and extremely dirty or dusty conditions.


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