The Benefits of Using Rotella T Triple Protection Engine Lubricant

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Made by Shell, Rotella T Triple Protection is a heavy-duty diesel lubricant. Its triple action helps control wear and deposits, while its multi-component chemistry provides all-round protection for non-turbocharged and turbocharged engines. It is also designed to boost performance, minimize cost of operation, and maximize equipment utilization.

More good news – the lubricant performs well in both newer and older engines. The technology is founded on the traditional strengths of engine cleanliness and wear protection of its predecessor, Rotella T, but the improved product not only protects DPFs (diesel particulate filters) against buildups of harmful deposits, it also provides outstanding viscosity control and exceptional durability.

Rotella T Triple Protection oil will protect your engine under any conditions – no matter how cold, hot, muddy, dusty or extended your operation is. The amped-up protection works in three critical areas:

  • Wear Control: Prolongs engine life.
  • Deposit Control: Helps keep the engine clean for maximum performance and longevity.
  • Acid Control: Protects against corrosion from acids that form as the fuel burns and as the lubricant ages.

Triple Protection technology has verified itself where it matters the most – on the road. According to an article on, after 40 million miles of highway testing, the product demonstrated a significant improvement in wear protection, and up to 38 percent less engine wear in individual results.

With a broad range of specifications and approvals, this lubricant is suitable for a wide variety of heavy-duty engine applications, including general haul, on-highway fleets, agriculture, construction, diesel pickup trucks and public transport operators.