How to Clean Up a Home Oil Spill

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How to Clean Up a Home Oil Spill

Home oil spills can be managed easily if you deal with them immediately. In this article, we’ll explain the correct method of cleaning up a heating oil spill that has occurred on a hard, flat floor. If the spill is on a carpet, the carpet will have to be removed and replaced. And if the spill occurs outdoors, near water, or in soil, these are serious issues which will require the help of a professional to clean up effectively and safely.

Follow these simple procedures:

  • Keep heat sources and flames away from the home oil spill. Open the doors and windows to allow good ventilation. Don’t allow people or pets to walk through the spill area. If they do, they’ll track oil to other areas of the house.
  • Sprinkle an oil-absorbing product over the home oil spill. Cat litter is an excellent solution. For best results, use silica-based litter rather than clay. Obviously, you must use clean cat litter.
  • Allow the oil-absorbing product to sit on the spill for 15 to 20 minutes for maximum absorption.
  • Sweep up the contaminated product/cat litter and place it in a plastic garbage can liner to trap the oil fumes. Then pack the liner in a metal garbage can and seal with a metal lid.
  • Remove the oil residue from the floor with a degreaser cleaning solvent and water.
  • Take the contaminated cat litter/absorbing product to a nearby hazardous waste disposal unit.

P.S. To remove all the home oil, you may need to repeat the cleaning process.