Handling Industrial Lubricants Safely

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Handling Industrial Lubricants SafelyIndustrial plants use industrial lubricants for many of the processes involved in manufacturing, and workers should always be well-trained in how to handle industrial lubricants safely. Understanding safety precautions when dealing with industrial lubricants is important both for the safety of the workers and the protection of the equipment.

One of the major dangers of industrial lubricants is the operation of high-pressure injection machinery. When an industrial lubricant is under pressure, it can go through skin and soft tissue quite easily. Often a small injury is shrugged off as no big deal, when it could lead to a bacterial infection if proper medical care is not given.

One of the other hazards of dealing with industrial lubricants is the transportation of them, which typically takes place in large 55-gallon drums that weigh approximately 450 pounds. One of these drums of industrial lubricants should never be moved by one person or without the proper equipment.

Another potentially harmful situation that can occur with industrial lubricants is when they are inadvertently spilled, which then creates a slip hazard and can also be a fire hazard. Industrial lubricants should be cleaned up immediately using the appropriate method.

Depending on the type of industrial lubricants you use, there may be specific handling protocols for avoiding potential skin irritation and respiratory issues. Even prolonged exposure to some types without proper protective clothing can be hazardous. The bottom line is that companies that use industrial lubricants should have in-depth safety precautions in place, and employees should take care to follow these precautions at all times.


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