Heating Oil, Your Home, and What You Need to Know

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Heating OilHeating oil is a very commonly used method of heating your home. There are several important things to know and consider about heating oil and your home.

First, heating oil is officially called No. 2 heating oil. A red dye is added to differentiate it from oil products destined for the diesel market or other uses. This is because taxes are assessed on diesel fuel for vehicles compared to oil for the home heating market. Heating oil tends to burn hotter than other types of fuel commonly used in home heating and can usually heat the home faster than other comparable fuel sources.

Heating oil must be stored before use. In most areas, this is in an above-ground tank near or adjacent to the home or business using it. Replacement oil is delivered by tanker truck, and it’s necessary to have an accessible path to the access point of the tank cleared at all times, especially as the tank runs low and requires replenishment.

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