Heating Oil vs. Gas Heating

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Heating Oil vs. Gas HeatingSometimes people become concerned about the fact that their home uses heating oil and wonder if they should consider converting to gas heating. Others may have gas heating and are curious about whether converting to heating oil would be wise. Following is some information regarding heating oil versus gas heating.

  • Safety – It bears noting that heating oil is not explosive. There is no danger from heating oil fumes, as there is with gas. If a heating oil furnace is not operating correctly, there will be telltale signs warning of a problem, whereas gas furnaces give no warning of carbon monoxide production and release.
  • Dependability – Most areas have a number of providers for heating oil, and since it is stored on your own property, you have the ability to control how much to have at any given time. Most areas do not have more than a single natural gas provider.
  • Efficiency – Heating oil burns approximately 15% more efficiently than natural gas, and furnaces that operate with heating oil when properly maintained have a life expectancy nearly twice that of a gas furnace. Even older, less efficient oil furnaces can be upgraded to a more energy-efficient system that pays for itself over a short period of time.
  • Cost of Switching – It is simply not feasible to change from heating oil to natural gas because not only will it cost thousands of dollars to do so, even the Consumer Energy Council of America (CECA) has stated that “it is financially unwise for consumers to convert from oil to gas heat.”

In conclusion, while it is not feasible to change from heating oil to gas heating, it may be advisable to switch from gas heating to heating oil. At least take the time to get a quote for the work to see if it might be a good idea for your home.


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