Using Industrial Lubricants to Keep Your Business on Top

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Industrial LubricantsNo matter what type of business or industry you might be involved in, any machinery or vehicles you might operate will encounter regular wear and tear. High-quality industrial lubricants are essential to the well-being and long life of whatever moving parts your business might have and will reduce long-term costs, as well as short-term stress when used appropriately.

Industrial lubricants are as varied in their uses as they can be in their composition. In general, an oil or lubricant should be stable against oxidation, diffuse any heat generated by the machine’s operational stresses, and help clear the mechanism of detritus. Some examples of different paradigms in particular industrial lubricants are below.

  • Air compressor lubricant should be formulated to not foam and reduce carbon buildup.
  • Gear oil is a high-viscosity lubricant used and made for differentials, transfer cases, and transmissions in vehicles or machinery.
  • Hydraulic lubricant is also known as hydraulic fluid. Given its various uses, non-compressibility and the correct viscosity and thermal capacity are usually the most sought after properties of this group of liquids, which are mostly based on mineral oil.
  • Steam turbines require lubricant for many different contact surfaces, bearings, efficient heat transfer, and certain types of hydraulic controls and couplings, and depend very much on the exact installation.

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