Kerosene Oil Heaters Once Meant the Difference Between Life and Death!

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Why are kerosene oil heaters still so popular? Well, firstly they don’t need electricity, so your home can be cozy and warm even during power outages that often occur during winter storms. Secondly, kerosene can be stored for a long time in large quantities, so you’re not at the mercy of anyone.

And did you know that one gallon of kerosene oil will give you as much heat as a whole wheelbarrow full of wood?!

Kerosene oil heaters have been used for nearly 100 years in complete safety. In 1918, there was an advertisement for Perfection kerosene heaters, and by the end of 1919, 3 million of them were in use. The picture used in the ad showed people lining up in the snow to buy coal, with the slogan being “Save the Nation’s Coal”.

kerosene oil heaters

Do you know what happened in 1917 after World War I when a terrible flu pandemic swept across the world? Well, those who had Perfection kerosene heaters didn’t have to line up with potentially infected strangers to buy their coal. They could simply avoid crowds altogether, and yes, they survived.

Today, with security issues being questionable and the ever-increasing threat of terrorist attacks on our cities – not to mention outbreaks of pandemic illnesses – kerosene oil heaters could once again literally mean the difference between life and death.