Why Using Quality Auto Lubricants Is Important

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Quality Auto LubricantsAuto lubricants play a critical role in the operation of a vehicle. There are numerous different types of auto lubricants used in a car, including engine oil, gear oil, transmission oil, greases, and various fluids. While each of these has a specific purpose in general, they are to reduce friction between moving parts. Using the highest-quality auto lubricants is important for a number of reasons.

  • Longevity – Moving parts will wear down over time at varying rates. To enable the lowest amount of degradation to the parts and thus extend their lives, using quality auto lubricants is the way to go. This can make a big difference on critical components in a car, such as the engine and transmission. A vehicle that has been serviced with higher-quality auto lubricants can get anywhere from a few thousand miles to as much as 100,000 miles of extra life.
  • Performance – Using quality auto lubricants also allows the vehicle to operate at ultimate efficiency and performance. This can equate to lower fuel costs and more power.
  • Repair Savings – Taking care of a vehicle by using quality auto lubricants will save money in the long run, even though these lubricants are more costly. This is because a vehicle that is well cared for will need fewer repairs. Using low-grade auto lubricants can even cost you dearly, should an engine or transmission need to be replaced.

There is an additional factor when it comes to auto lubricants, and that is the care that should be taken to replace them on a timetable recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Regular engine oil changes are critical because even the best engine oil becomes dirty and ineffective over time.


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