The Quality of Industrial Lubricants is More Important Today than Ever Before

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industrial lubricantsIt would be wonderful if industrial gears ran in clean, dry and cool environments. But conditions in gear-driven operations like manufacturing plants, steel mills and other rigorous applications are anything but clean, dry and cool. That’s why choosing industrial lubricants can be a challenge.

Even with precision lubricant maintenance, high loads, heat and pressures, as well as contaminants such as water, can compromise gear systems. Modern gear-driven machines(and the oils that protect them and allow efficient performance over the long haul) have to withstand harsh environments that also cause rapid consumption of essential lubricant additives.

In part, this is due to the trend towards diverse applications, smaller machines and strenuous operating conditions. Furthermore, plant and maintenance managers expect less downtime, higher performance and increased productivity to reduce costs and boost profits.

Gearboxes today are typically smaller and made from more lightweight materials. But these lighter, smaller pieces of equipment are expected to produce more power, while also being more reliable and durable than their predecessors. As such, industrial lubricants must contain high-performance additives to maintain robustness and thermal stability to ensure the lubricants protect better and perform efficiently.

There are 5 factors to bear in mind when selecting industrial lubricants for maximum performance and profitability:

  1. Fluid Cleanliness
  2. Fluid Durability
  3. Fluid Demulsibility
  4. Universal vs. Dedicated Fluids
  5. The Right Additives

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