Waste Not, Want Not: Autofill Delivery When You Need It

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467413689-Autofill DeliveryRunning out of gas is one of the most problematic events you can face in your daily life. Happily, it’s one of the most easily avoided. Metrics on your dashboard tell you the level of remaining fuel in your vehicle, and modern conveniences can point you to the nearest fuel station no matter where you are. In other areas of life, we may not always be able to reach the fuel station, but we can bring the fuel station to you when you need it.

Autofill delivery is an option best suited for homes or businesses with variable usage of heating oil or other oil-based fuels. By monitoring the level of fuel in your tank and the rate of usage, it’s possible to estimate the best day and time to refill your tank. The immediate benefits of this are not limited to avoiding an empty fuel tank. By signing up for autofill delivery, we can guarantee our customers service even during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Autofill delivery also means that you pay for the fuel when you need it and when you have the capacity for it.

Bumgarner Oil has been serving Hickory, NC and the surrounding counties since 1954. We serve gas stations, private homes, and other businesses in all their delivery or re-fueling needs. Our years of experience serving local businesses and homes means that we’re better able to anticipate your needs and the needs of your customers and clients. In addition to the full spectrum of petroleum-based fuels for your business or home, we’re pleased to offer bio fuel options for your home or business needs. Let us help you today!