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Automotive lubricants in Hickory, Lincolnton, Mooresville, Statesville, Boone, NC and surrounding areas.

The first thing you need to understand is the way automotive lubricants work. They are designed to deliver clean lubricant to every component in an engine. This is achieved by first pulling the oil from the oil pan (sump) and into the pump. Then, the pump forces the lubricant through the oil filter and feeds the oil galley ways and main bearings.

Automotive Lubricants in Hickory, North Carolina

From the main bearings, the lubricant passes through holes in the crankshaft onto the connecting rod’s bearings. The piston pin, cylinder walls and connecting rod bearings are lubricated as the crank rotates. Lubrication of the lifters, cam bearings, timing chain, springs and gears is done by the pressurized oil galley ways.

Automotive lubricants play two primary roles. One is to control wear and friction. This is done by separating the two interacting surfaces with a film. Instead of creating boundary condition (harsh metal-on-metal contact), the oil acts as a film to reduce friction – sometimes by thousands of times.

Temperature control is the other important role of automotive lubricants. Heat is generated between the components at the interaction point. The oil absorbs this heat and carries it away from the components, where it dissipates in a cooler or in the sump.

Today’s automotive lubricants need to be very special because of technologically advanced engines. The API (American Petroleum Institute) has a program to certify that lubricants can meet the stringent quality and performance standards put in place by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The service rating is displayed on the product label with either the API Certified Gasoline Engines Seal, or the API Service Symbol Donut.

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