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Kerosene Oil Heaters in Hickory, Lincolnton, Mooresville, Statesville, Boone, NC and surrounding areas.

Kerosene Oil Heaters in Hickory, North CarolinaAre kerosene oil heaters more dangerous than electrical heaters? The answer is no. However, if operated with negligence, they both present more potential fire hazards than central heating systems. Kerosene oil heaters are more likely to introduce dangers through ventilation issues, combustion byproducts and the possibility of spills. Since electrical space heaters provide controlled heat, there are fewer safety issues, but they are unable to offer emergency heating during power outages like kerosene can.

Kerosene oil is a byproduct used as a heat source and as a fuel. With an increased interest in preparedness for emergency blackouts and the low price of kerosene fuel, it has become a popular alternative to electrical heating. Below are three other reasons why:

• Kerosene fuel is exceptionally energy-efficient. It produces significant heat from minimal amounts of fuel, unlike other heating sources, such as coal or wood.

• Using a typical furnace in addition to a kerosene heater allows you to heat areas in zones. One room can be kept warm without having to increase the heat in other rooms, saving money and energy.

• Kerosene has been used as an effective heat source for many years. A quality kerosene heater is easy to operate and less expensive than a comparable electrical or propane unit.

When properly maintained and operated, kerosene space heaters burn cleanly and release very little nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and other hazardous vapors. However, they do deplete some oxygen in a room, so always operate a kerosene oil heater with a window slightly cracked or the door open to let air in. It’s advisable to use a newer model with an oxygen depletion shutoff.

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