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Oil Treatment, Hickory, NC

We will make sure that every product you buy has received a safe and effective oil treatment, ensuring top-quality results for your cars, trucks, and other equipment in Hickory, NC.

There are a variety of oil options that you can use for lubricating engines in your vehicles and equipment, heating lamps and stoves, and heating your home or business. At Bumgarner Oil, we offer oil treatment to make sure each type of oil you use will burn cleanly in your vehicles and appliances.

When you use one of our pre-treated oils, you can enjoy a number of benefits to your vehicles and construction equipment. The most commonly sold oil that we offer is bio-diesel, which is a cleaner alternative for vehicles that take diesel. When you use bio-diesel treated with Diesel Mate 2000, it will burn while producing lower emissions, reducing friction and wear on the engine, cleaning the pumps and injectors, preventing rust, corrosion, and gelling, and separating out water from the fuel. It also helps to improve the ignition while reducing the amount of time it takes to start the vehicle.

Bio-diesel treated with Diesel Mate 2000 also contains:

  • A Demulsifying Agent
  • A Cetane Booster
  • Anti-Wear Agents to Heavily Lubricate Each Component
  • Detergents &Dispersants to Prevent Sludge From Clogging Fuel Lines & Filters
  • Oxidation Inhibitors
  • A Metal Deactivator
  • Inhibitors That Protect Against Oxidation, Corrosion, & Rust

This type of fuel is best for use in all types of vehicles that take diesel, including on and off-road options, as well as generators and marine engines that use diesel fuel. It is not recommended for use in any vehicles that take gasoline.

This type of oil treatment helps to keep the fuel quality consistently high for use throughout all seasons. Even if you live in an area with cold, freezing temperatures during the winter, the bio-diesel treated with Diesel Mate 2000 will keep your engine running properly. It also helps to increase the mileage that you can get from your vehicles and equipment. Bio-diesel is an excellent fuel option for:

  • Excavation & Demolition
  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Marine Equipment
  • Jobbers
  • Concrete & Asphalt Paving Companies
  • Utility Construction Equipment & Trucks
  • Power Generators
  • All Types of Federal, State, & Local Government Agencies

In addition to bio-diesel, we carry quality oils that can provide safety and protection for your family in the event of an emergency. The kerosene oil that we carry is ideal to store for use in stoves, oil lamps, and space heaters in case your power goes out. We also have an option of oil that will heat your home more quickly while using less fuel than is required with natural gas. The fumes of our home heating oil are non-toxic, and it is much safer because it is not combustible like natural gas.

At Bumgarner Oil, your satisfaction is important to each member of our team. We will make sure that every product you buy has received a safe and effective oil treatment, ensuring top quality results for your cars, trucks, and other equipment. We offer both wholesale and retail pricing and can sell to residential homeowners as well as construction companies, gas stations, and more throughout the Hickory, NC area.

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