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Bio Diesel, Lincolnton, NC

Users of bio diesel in Lincolnton will find that it offers many advantages.

Bio Diesel in, Lincolnton, North CarolinaSince the 1980s, bio diesel has been a high-powered option for vehicles that use diesel fuel. An economical option for a variety of applications, bio diesel is made from vegetable oils such as corn and soy, making it a more environmentally friendly option than some other fuel options on the market today.

Users of bio diesel will find that it offers many advantages, perhaps the most important one being its environmental benefits. Made from 100% renewable resources and emitting 50% to 70% fewer pollutants than its petroleum counterparts, this non-toxic, biodegradable fuel source is ideal. In fact, when combined with petroleum, bio diesel fuel aids in the biodegradation of petroleum, as well. Easy to use and better for the environment, using bio diesel to power your vehicles and equipment is a great way to take steps to protect the environment.

Additional advantages of using bio diesel include its benefits for your vehicles and equipment, including decreased damage to the internal parts and added lubricating properties that extend the life of your engine. Bio diesel can be used in existing engines without requiring special equipment for the switch, and it can be mixed with other fuel types, making it more affordable and convenient.

If you have questions about bio diesel and its advantages, or if you would like to begin offering bio diesel fuel at your retail location in Lincolnton, North Carolina, contact us at Bumgarner Oil for more information. We have been serving residential and industrial clients since 1954, and we will be happy to assist you with all your fueling needs.


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