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 Kerosene oil heaters offer many advantages as a heating source in Lincolnton.

Kerosene Oil Heaters in Lincolnton, North CarolinaUsing kerosene oil heaters can be an efficient way to heat your living and working spaces, and if used properly, they are a safe and effective method of keeping warm. In fact, kerosene oil heaters have become a popular alternative to electrical heating in the event of power outages and other emergency situations.

If you are considering the addition of kerosene oil heaters to your home or business in Lincolnton, North Carolina, here are a few important advantages and safety precautions to note:


  • Unlike other fuel sources such as coal or wood, kerosene oil produces more heat using minimal resources, making it very energy efficient.
  • You may find that you can save money and energy by using kerosene oil heaters to heat “zones” within your living or working spaces. For example, you can keep one room warmer without having to adjust the heating in another room that is not in use.
  • High-quality kerosene oil heaters are easier to operate and less expensive than comparable electrical or propane options.


  • Knowing the potential dangers of kerosene oil heaters will help you prevent hazardous situations. For example, purchasing a newer model with an oxygen depletion shutoff will ensure that the room you are heating is not overcome with hazardous vapors.
  • Kerosene oil heaters can present potential fire hazards if operated with negligence and may introduce dangers through ventilation issues, combustion byproducts and the possibility of spills. Always operate a kerosene oil heater with a slightly cracked window or door to let fresh air in.

If you have questions about the advantages and risks of kerosene oil heaters, contact us at Bumgarner Oil for more information or to request a re-stock of your supply.

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