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Our off-road diesel is the same top quality fuel, but without the highway use fuel taxes.

Off-Road Diesel in Statesville, North Carolina
The cost for diesel fuel, just like regular fuel, involves a certain amount for federal and state fuel taxes. These taxes are for a variety of reasons, with some special taxes for road maintenance. Since taxing authorities recognize that it would not be reasonable for diesel purchasers who use the fuel for off-road uses, such as agriculture, to pay toward the road maintenance, the price for off-road diesel is adjusted to reflect that. Here at Bumgarner Oil, we offer off-road diesel for our customers who qualify for this lower-priced fuel.

Other than the absence of the fuel tax and a red coloring added so that officials can determine that off-road diesel isn’t used in on-road vehicles, there is no difference in the fuel. It is the same quality and can be used in any diesel engine. With our more than 60 years of serving the fuel and oil product needs of our customers in the Statesville, North Carolina area, you can be confident of the quality of both our products and our services.

If you have any questions about whether your use qualifies for purchasing and using off-road diesel or you would like to know the current price of either our all-road or off-road diesel, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Bumgarner Oil, we offer off-road diesel for customers from Hickory, Lincolnton, Mooresville, Statesville, Boone, Newton, Conover, Taylorsville, Lenoir, and Morganton, North Carolina.